About Baby Jogger

We (Baby First Ltd.) brought Baby Jogger strollers to New Zealand over a decade ago.

We saw Baby Jogger overseas and were instantly amazed at it's features (especially the well known one hand fold!) and felt every parent in New Zealand needed the opportunity to have a stroller that suited their busy lifestyle. We personally felt it was better than anything here on the New Zealand market and could help parents be able to get out and about easier with their kids.
Baby Jogger New Zealand has been going from strength to strength as we have grown the range and availability of our strollers around New Zealand to Kiwi parents. 


Baby Jogger was first created in 1984 by Phil Baechler, a local newspaper journalist. He wanted to take his son running with him, but standard strollers were not made well enough to run with and couldn't be used over various surfaces. So, he designed his own stroller which features to suit his type of lifestyle. Thus the Baby Jogger brand was born. 
From there Baby Jogger developed the well known one hand fold to help make life even easier for parents. Then over the years they expanded their range with different strollers to suit many different lifestyles and uses. 

Baby Jogger is not just a running stroller brand anymore. We offer a range of strollers, from running to traveling, for those in the city, to those on the farm. Baby Jogger has a stroller for you.