Finding the Right Stroller

When preparing for the arrival of a new baby, finding the right stroller is an important consideration and a significant purchase. To help you choose the one that best suits your family's needs and lifestyle, we have put together this comprehensive guide on the key features available with the different models we have in our wide range.

If you're after a quick overview, check out our single stroller and double stroller comparison charts.

Family walk with Baby Jogger's City Select - Single to Double Stroller

The 2023 Collection

The graphic below gives an overview of all the styles available, with the exception of our double strollers, which are available as indicated on the chart below their single version.

The order of the fleet, from left to right, demonstrates the progression of the wheels from flat-terrain, to multi-terrain, to all-terrain.

2023 Baby Jogger Full Range of Strollers

Three Wheels vs Four Wheels

Three-Wheeled Strollers: Our three-wheeled strollers are the City Mini GT2, City Elite 2, and the Summit X3 (pictured in order below).

The advantage of a three-wheeled stroller is that they are generally easier to maneuver, push, and fold. (See the section on 'Easy Fold Strollers' further down to see how our three-wheeled strollers can be done with just one hand!).

They can also take your baby from birth to toddler, with no need for extras, due to their near-flat seat recline.  

A key difference between our three-wheel options is in their wheels: the City Mini GT2 can be used on multi-terrain, while the City Elite 2 and the Summit X3 have all-terrain suitability, with the Summit X3 having air-filled tyres and other features that make it a high-performance running stroller. For a comprehensive comparison of the jogging-friendly City Elite 2 and the runner's choice, the Summit X3, check out this extra guide.

Four-Wheeled Strollers: The City Sights and City Select 2 (both pictured below) are our four-wheeled strollers for single and single+ use (the City Select 2 can go from single to double). Both have a modular design, with parent-facing or world-facing options, and both can have the seat easily replaced with a bassinet or capsule for the early newborn months. (This is more difficult with non-modular designs, but can be done; most people, however, just add the accessory to the stroller with the seat still on.). We do also have another four wheel stroller, the Tour 2 which you can read more about below.

Pictured here is the City Sights which comes in Dark Slate (image 1) and Rich Black (image 2, shown with Bassinet).

City SightsCity Sights with the Bassinet 
Below is the City Select 2 (image 1), shown also with the Baby Jogger City GO 2 Capsule (image 2).

Baby Jogger City Select with Capsule
The main difference between the City Sights and the City Select 2 is the incredible adaptability of the City Select 2  a single-to-double stroller, it can achieve 24 possible configuration options with a range of compatible accessories (each sold separately). 
Baby Jogger City Select 2 - up to 24 configurations with compatible accessories

Four-wheeled double strollers: Our other four-wheeled option is a side by side double strollers for families buying for two little ones. This is the City Tour 2 Double. 



With this double stroller its wheels are designed for flat-terrain only however, it is narrow enough to fit through a standard exterior doorway.

Compact for City & Travel 

The City Tour 2 stroller is designed specifically for travel and compact use. It weighs only 6.5kg (under the weight limit for most airline requirements for carry-on luggage) and is made to fit into an airplane overhead compartment, which also means it takes up little space in the boot of your car.

It is compact when unfolded, making it nice and easy for pushing around congested or tight spaces like narrow aisles in shops.

Baby Jogger's City Tour 2 is easy to fold and stow in the boot of your car.


Easy-Fold Strollers

Baby Jogger developed and patented our signature one-hand, quick fold system, which functions by pulling two loops and lifting the stroller in one swift movement as it collapses. The two loops make it even more secure and safe.

The strollers with this easy fold feature are the City Mini GT 2 and City Elite 2 (pictured folding above). They are shown in order below, with the Summit X3 last, which also has a simple one-hand quick fold, but without the two-loop feature.


City Mini GT2Baby Jogger City Elite 2Baby Jogger Summit

Capsule Compatible Strollers

All Baby Jogger strollers, except our two side-by-side double strollers, can fit a capsule on it. 

The City Mini GT2 and City Elite 2 all have City GO capsule adaptors that come with them; for our other strollers, you can buy the adaptor to match your stroller and capsule together (check out our Capsule Adaptor Guide to find the right one for you, or contact us if you need help). 

Please note that it is recommended that you don’t have your child in a capsule for more than 2 hours a day, so that is handy to keep in mind when planning your day.

 Mother putting baby into the City Go Capsule.Baby Jogger City Go 2

Room to Grow...

If you are planning to grow your family in the near future, it's handy to shop for a stroller with this in mind.

A convertible stroller like the versatile City Select 2, introduced above, gives you the option of adding a second seat to your singular stroller and turning it into a double. If you hope to have another child before your first reaches three years old (walking around independently), this can save you needing to buy a double capacity stroller when the time comes. Instead, you can just purchase the second seat.

Another option for a growing family is our Baby Jogger Glider Board, which can be attached to the back of most of our strollers. This is a great option if you have an older child who is ready to graduate from the seat but still likes an easy ride when going distances  if they use the Glider Board, the stroller seat is vacated for your younger child!

Baby Jogger Glider BoardGlider boardGlider board on the City Select 2

A note regarding the photo above: While the child fits through the gap of the handle bar for the City Select 2, the design of other strollers means that they are often holding onto the handle bar. The best way to know if it will work for your family is to try it first, if you can!

The other option for a family with more than one child, as shown earlier, is a side by side double stroller like the City Tour 2 Double


Jogging Strollers

It is recommended that you wait to run with your baby until they are at least six months old. But after that, having a stroller that is designed for all-terrain and/or with suspension is very important.

For the keen walker and light jogger, the City Elite 2 is very popular. It has airless rubber tyres (foam-filled) that are larger than standard (30cm), making it suitable for adventuring on all-terrain. When jogging, note that it is best to stay on flat surfaces. 

City Elite 2Baby Jogger - City Elite 2

The Summit X3 is our specialty running stroller. With large air-filled tyres and all-wheel independent suspension, it definitely delivers a superior ride for your child as you exercise. Additional features like the hand-operated deceleration brake and front-wheel swivel lock also make it the runner's choice. Again, for that special comparison guide, click here

Do I need to buy a bassinet?

If you choose a stroller like the City Mini GT2, City Elite 2City Tour 2, and the Summit X3, these all have near-flat seat reclines, which mean they are suitable from birth, so you don’t need a bassinet. However, you can purchase a bassinet to use with them if you prefer.

The City Select 2 stroller seat is considered suitable for newborn, due to the straight back. However, as it does not lie flat, many choose to purchase a bassinet to use for the first six months or use a capsule (note not recommended for long periods of time). The seat on the City Sights is approved for only 3+ months, so a bassinet or capsule is needed for your newborn. 

One of the big advantages of having a bassinet is that if your child is asleep in your stroller, you can just lift the bassinet out and take your child wherever, without disturbing their sleep. The other key advantage is that it allows your baby to see you, and you to see your baby, as the bassinet will face you. 

If you want to remove the stroller seat and just have the bassinet on the stroller frame, this is easy for the modular strollers, the City Sights and City Select 2. On the other hand, it is a bit more of a task to do this with the City Mini GT2, City Elite 2, but worth it for several months' use if you don't plan on using the seat until your baby is older. However, as stated above, many just opt to leave the seat attached but lie the back of the seat flat to fit the bassinet in (as seen in image 2 below). 


Modular Strollers

A modular stroller means it is designed so that the seat can click in and out easily and be positioned different ways  the most popular options being for the seats to be either world-facing (forward facing) or parent-facing (rear facing).

This helps you meet a young baby's need for parent interaction and closeness, and then meets an older baby/toddler's need to see the world and take in the sights! 

As covered above, we have the City Sights (pictured below) which is a single, modular stroller.  

And then there is the City Select 2 (pictured below), which is a single, modular stroller that can expand into a double stroller with an additional seat or capsule.

So there you have it – a full overview of the stroller range at Baby Jogger New Zealand! If you would like to discuss your needs and questions with one of our friendly team members, please contact us and we will do our best to help you.

Alternatively, you may wish to visit one of our nationwide retailers to try out a demo in their store. Call ahead to check that the stroller model(s) you are interested in is available in-store for purchase and/or a demonstration.


Let the adventures begin...

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