New Parent: What do I need?

We here at Baby Jogger New Zealand know it can be a bit overwhelming working out what you need as a new parent with your first child. So, our aim is to make this part of the process easier by breaking it down a bit.

Why do I need a stroller?

Stroller, buggies and prams (they have many names), are great because as a parent you are always on the go. From shopping to getting some fresh air on a walk to visiting a friend. Having the ability to put your little one in a stroller helps reduce tiredness in yourself and your baby making life a lot easier.

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Why do I need a capsule?

A capsule allows you to safely take your baby in the car home from the hospital and everywhere else for the first few months as they grow. It is a legal requirement to have your baby in a capsule when you leave the hospital, so it is smart to be prepared. 
It is recommended that you only have your baby in the capsule for two hours a day as their spine is still developing. 
Check out our City Go capsule which works seamlessly with our strollers.

What is a travel system?

This is when you have a capsule that can click onto your stroller using adaptors. Then you can easily take your little one out of your car, click it onto your stroller then back into the car when you are done. It is good to note due to different designs of capsules some adaptors are easier to use than others. 
Check out our travel system options or capsule adaptors to make your stroller into a travel system.


What is a bassinet?

They have many names, bassinet, pram and carry cot, but they mean the same thing. 
Bassinets are a great place for young babies to sleep and rest when pushing your stroller, but can also be taken inside away from your stroller without disturbing your baby. They tend to be used for the first six months.
Most of our strollers can be used from birth, but there is some that you will need a bassinet or bassinet kit to use when they are first born. 
Find the right bassinet for your stroller here.

If you have any questions send them through to our team on our contact us page