New Parent: What do I need?

When deciding what to purchase for your newborn, there are several options to consider, such as strollers, capsules/travel systems, and bassinets. These are designed to make this new time in your life easier, but you may not need them all.

Check out our explanations for each below to see what might be the right fit for your family.

Why do I need a stroller?

Strollers (otherwise called buggies or prams) are great because, as a parent, you are always on the go  from shopping in town, to going for a walk, to visiting the local park. Having the ability to put your little one in a stroller helps you transport them with ease, along with all of your essential items, such as your nappy bag. 

If you need help working out what stroller might best fit your needs, check out our helpful pages below:

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Baby Jogger City Go capsule

Why do I need a capsule?

A capsule allows you to safely take your baby in the car home from the hospital and everywhere else for the first half-year, as they grow. It is a legal requirement to have your baby in a capsule when you leave the hospital, so this is one item to definitely purchase well before your due date  just in case baby comes earlier than expected.

It is recommended that you don't have your baby in the capsule for more than two hours a day, as their neck muscles are still developing and without full control, a baby's head may slump forward, blocking their windpipe. 

Check out our City Go capsule, which is designed especially to click into our strollers.

Capsule on stroller

What is a travel system?

A travel system is when you have a capsule that can click onto your stroller using adaptors. Then you can easily take your little one out of your car while they are still in their capsule, click the capsule onto your stroller, and then transition them back into the car when you are done.

We have adaptors for multiple capsule brands which you can use to connect your capsule to your Baby Jogger stroller, or you can complete your travel system with our City Go capsule. 

Check out our travel system options or capsule adaptors to make your stroller into a travel system.

City Elite 2 stroller with bassinet

What is a bassinet?

A bassinet (or a pram) is a flat-surface bed for a newborn baby to rest or sleep on – when related to strollers, it is a portable style that connects to the stroller but can also be taken off. Other words that may also be used for a bassinet are pram and carry cot, but they mean the same thing. 

Bassinets tend to be used for the first six months, at which point a baby tends to outgrow the weight restriction (often 9kg).

Most of our strollers can be used from birth, due to their near-flat seat recline, but many parents like to use a bassinet anyway due to some of the benefits below. For some of our strollers, a bassinet is needed for newborns. 

A great benefit of having a bassinet for your stroller is that your baby can be in one for longer periods than a capsule (see above for why). You can also 'stroll' your baby to sleep out on a walk and then transition baby indoors without disturbing them. It also keeps your precious cargo more 'contained', with the surrounding walls and cover overtop, which also help to make the space darker for them to sleep more easily. 

Find the right bassinet for your stroller here.

If you have any questions, send them through to our team on our contact page.