Buggies: Starting from the beginning

We know many of you are coming into this thinking help! There are too many choices! So, we’ve got you covered breaking down different types of buggies and what you might need them for.

Three wheels vs Four Wheels:
Advantages of the three wheels are they are normally easier to manoeuvre and push, fold easy (ours can be done with one hand!) and most can go from birth to toddler with no need for extras. They tend to also be the type made for more off terrain walking or running.
Think Mini, Mini GT, Elite and Summit buggies.

Four wheels normally can be forward or rear facing (you get to choose) and some can expand into a double buggy.
Think Select buggy.

What if I’m wanting a buggy for travel or only around the city?

The City Tour/Tour 2 are buggies designed specifically for travel. They are made to fit into an Airplane overhead compartment and are nice easy for pushing in small spaces.
The City Mini is takes the classic City 3 wheels ease of use and one hand fold, then keeps it on a small scale. Its still light and perfect for around the City, but with a little bit more multi use than the Tour range.

I’m sick of my bulky hard to fold buggy!

Our City Mini buggies, as well as City Elite and Summit X3 all have an easy one hand fold. No other brand can top that! The new Mini 2 and Mini GT 2 still have the same feature but it is updated to have two loops to pull and lift to make it even more secure to fold.

Can these buggies fit a capsule?

Nearly all Baby Jogger Buggies fit capsules. The only Baby Jogger buggies that cannot are the Tour (old version) and Tour 2 Double.
The Mini 2 and Mini GT2 have City Go capsule adaptors that come with them and then our other buggies you can buy the adaptor to match your buggy and capsule together (Check out our Capsule Adaptor Guide to find the right one for you or contact us if you need help).
However, it is recommended you don’t have your child in a capsule for more than 2 hours a day, so handy to keep that in mind.

What if I want to have more than one child?

Sorry to make you think about this, but its handy to be prepared! If you think you will have another child before your first reaches three years old (walking around independently) you might want to think about a convertible buggy. Most buggies you can attach a glider board to the back of your buggy, so your oldest child can stand on the glider board and your buggy seat is free for your second child. However, your other options are a convertible buggy like the City Select. Which can go from single to a double with additional parts purchased or choose a side by side double buggy like the Tour 2 Double or City Mini GT Double. 

What if I want to walk or run with my baby?

We don’t recommend you run with your baby till they are above six months old. But after that having a buggy that is designed for multi terrain and with suspension is very important.
For the casual runner and walker the City Elite is quite popular. It has rubber foam filled wheels, slightly larger than standard for great pushing that is perfect for grass, dirt and most New Zealand terrain. 
The Summit X3 is our running specific buggy with all the great breaks, suspensions and design for off terrain and high impact movement.

Do I need to buy a bassinet?

This depends on your buggy. If you choose a buggy like the Mini, Mini GT, Elite and the new Tour 2, these all have lie flat seats, usable from birth, so you don’t technically need a bassinet. However, the Premier and Select buggies seats are not designed for being used with a child under 6 months. For these buggies you can purchase bassinet adaption kits (to turn the seat into a bassinet) to use for the first six months.
The big advantage of having a bassinet is if your child is asleep in your buggy, you can just lift the bassinet out and take your child wherever, without disturbing their sleep. The Mini, Mini GT and Elite range seat fabric can also be removed if you want to just use your buggy frame with the bassinet for the first few months. Then pop it back on once your child has outgrown the bassinet.