Gliderboard 2
Gliderboard 2
Gliderboard 2

Gliderboard 2

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The Glider Board is a great way to let your older child hitch a ride. It attaches easily to the rear axle of your stroller and has a non-slip surface so you know your child will be safe. The Glider Board can flip out of the way when not in use and folds easily even when attached to the stroller.

The glider board has a small amount of suspension to keep the ride smoother for your young one. 
There is two height level settings depending on the height of your back axle due to some buggy wheels being larger than others.

Holds up to a 20Kg child.

Not suitable for jogging

The Gliderboard is compatible with the following Baby Joggers both single and double (and similar Buggies):
City Mini
City Mini 2
City Mini Double
City Mini GT
City Mini GT2
City Mini GT Double
City Mini GT2 Double
City Elite 
City Elite 2
City Premier
City Versa
City Select
City Select lux
Summit X3

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